High Falls


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High Falls - から Bridge, Canada
High Falls - から Bridge, Canada
High Falls
📍 から Bridge, Canada
High Falls is one of the iconic waterfalls of the Muskoka region in the Canadian province of Ontario. It's located within the Muskoka River Provincial Park, just south of Bracebridge. The view from the High Falls Bridge is captivating, with the roaring cascade amidst a lush forested landscape. Visitors to the park can hike to the falls, view the rapids and have picnics at the park's lookout points. If visitors prefer a closer look, they can try the 12-hour canoe trip downstream from the Rapids of the Muskoka River. The park features a great variety of wildlife, including various species of trout and the occasional moose. In winter the falls become a unique winter wonderland, with frozen cascades waiting to be explored. Photographers can take nature shots in all seasons, capturing the beauty of the High Falls amidst dramatic landscapes.

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