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Heungbogheon - South Korea
Heungbogheon - South Korea
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📍 South Korea
Heungbogheon is a famous attraction located on the banks of the Waryong-dong pond, in the western region of South Korea. It is an old temple complex hidden in a pine forest, and consists of the main temple, several subordinate temples, pavilions and hermitages. Most of the architecture and sculptures date back to the 14th to 16th century. The Main Sanctuary is the most impressive building, where a beautiful semicircular colonnade and a panoramic view of the surrounding hills reveals the majestic beauty of the place. The paths leading to and from the temple are also scenic, as visitors cross a stream and humpback bridge. A stone penstock and a monument measuring the erosion of the pond can be found nearby. For an even more peaceful and contemplative experience, one can take a boat ride across the pond to admire Heungbogheon from the water.

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