Hermitage Hunting Lodge


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Hermitage Hunting Lodge - から Chausseen, Denmark
Hermitage Hunting Lodge - から Chausseen, Denmark
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Hermitage Hunting Lodge
📍 から Chausseen, Denmark
The Hermitage Hunting Lodge at Klampenborg in Denmark is a magnificent structure, that was constructed as a royal residence and hunting lodge by King Frederik VIII in 1908. Located in a scenic forested area near the coastline, it is a beautiful example of traditional architecture. The building is made predominantly from dark red brick and sandstone, and it stands in the Jægersborg Dyrehave, a popular park for cyclists and nature lovers. The three-story structure is a two-wing, two-story structure, with several turrets and a balcony at the corner of the main building, surrounded by a baroque garden featuring a laurel allée, parterres, a deer enclosure and other animals. Inside, visitors can admire the Hermitage's unique artwork, including Italian Renaissance paintings, plaster and furniture, all collected by the King. The nearby beach is perfect for a stroll and the atmosphere is serene and peaceful – a great pick for a nature walk.

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