Hamburger Leuchtturm


Hamburger Leuchtturm - Germany
Hamburger Leuchtturm - Germany
Hamburger Leuchtturm
📍 Germany
Hamburger Leuchtturm is a well-known tourist destination and the most prominent landmark in Cuxhaven, Germany. It stands as an imposing tower, painted white and red, adjacent to the dock at Buttemunder Wurden. Visitors can climb the 87 steps inside the tower and take in amazing views over the North Sea and Elbe estuary. In the summer months, guests can enjoy its cozy cafeteria for a break or light meal. The landmark also features souvenir shops, a playground, and a replica of a lightship – a great spot for photographers and nautical enthusiasts alike. Perched above the shores of the German port, the Hamburger Leuchtturm stands as a reminder of Cuxhaven’s rich maritime tradition.

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