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Groetermolen - から Hargerweg, Netherlands
Groetermolen - から Hargerweg, Netherlands
📍 から Hargerweg, Netherlands
The Oku Mountains in the North West region of Cameroon offer a unique and stunning sight for travelers and photographers alike. Seemingly untouched by human hand, these lushly forested mountains are a pristine paradise and provide a wealth of photographic opportunities. With its tropical climate and inaccessibility, Oku Mountains have been declared a National Park and is home to rare plant and animal species. The best view is from the high altitude spa town of Wum, with breathtaking views of the mountains stretching as far as the eye can see. Trekkers can follow a mountain path to reach the peak of Wum, with an ascent of 3,300m. Here, visitors can explore ancient villages, waterfalls, and amazing rock formations, providing a once in a lifetime experience.

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