Green Sands Beach


Green Sands Beach - United States
Green Sands Beach - United States
Green Sands Beach
📍 United States
Green Sands Beach is a beautiful white and green sand-strewn beach located in Ocean View, United States. The beach gets its unique colors from the unique amalgamation of green olivine crystals from the nearby Puu Mahana cinder-cone volcano. This beach is accessible due to the 4 miles of long and sandy hiking trail through the Ka'u Desert, with stunning views of the ocean along the way. The trail narrows as you reach the beach, making it a popular spot for relaxing and sandy beach strolls. The beach is mostly secluded and pristine, devoid of any signs of civilization. One can also enjoy swimming in the shallow and crystal clear waters. There are also plenty of nice waves for body-surfing, kayaking and other water sports. For long time beach lovers, there are also many small crystal-laden tidepools that make for great photo opportunities.

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