Greek Windmill


Greek Windmill - Japan
Greek Windmill - Japan
Greek Windmill
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The Greek Windmill, located on the Shodoshima Island of Japan, is a great place to visit for travelers interested in photography. Standing at an impressive 32 meters tall, the windmill is made from granite and painted white with turquoise accents. It stands over a picturesque coastal view, providing visitors a classic view of the Mediterranean landscape. The windmill is the first on a scenic 3km walking route, which is dotted with other historic windmills and charming bay views. As part of the Setouchi Triennale, the Greek Windmill has also been turned into a poignant art exhibition, telling the story of Ogi and the windmill, through a passionate love story. The Greek Windmill is an iconic site and an essential part of any photography trip to Shodoshima.

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