Grand Hotel


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Grand Hotel - から Front, Sweden
Grand Hotel - から Front, Sweden
Grand Hotel
📍 から Front, Sweden
The Grand Hotel, located in the heart of Norrmalm in Stockholm, Sweden, is a luxurious and historic accommodation choice. It is the largest hotel in Stockholm and has been operating since 1887. Its 160 rooms and seven suites offer stunning views of the harbor and Old Town of Stockholm. The Grand Hotel offers several fine-dining options, a spa and sauna, a grand lobby, and even its own museum, making it an unforgettable experience. It also provides easy access to top attractions such as the Royal Palace, the Swedish History Museum, the Nobel Museum, and the Stadshuset (City Hall). The hotel has a remarkable history and was featured in the Alfred Hitchcock movie, Rebecca, in 1940. It is also the home of the Nobel Prize Banquet and hosting of festive events, such as special concerts and receptions, throughout the year.

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