Gorgo de la Escalera


Gorgo de la Escalera - Spain
Gorgo de la Escalera - Spain
Gorgo de la Escalera
📍 Spain
Gorgo de la Escalera is a magical natural site located near Ontinyent, Valencia, Spain. It is a rocky gorge made up of spectacular sandstone formations, reaching depths of up to 120 metres. It is administered by the Valencian Government and it is located in the municipality of Ontinyent. The canyon was formed over thousands of years by the flow of the Azud de Ontinyent. It is a perfect place for hikers and nature lovers, as it boasts of vibrant flora and fauna and great rock formations. The gorge is 6480 meters long and 3.6 meters wide in some places. There is a path that takes you through the gorge, offering unique views of its beauty. The best way to explore the area is on a guided tour. You can also enjoy just a few hours here, as the gorge isn’t too deep and offers stunning views.

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