Golden Gate Bridge


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Golden Gate Bridge - から Beach, United States
Golden Gate Bridge - から Beach, United States
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Golden Gate Bridge
📍 から Beach, United States
The Golden Gate Bridge is an iconic suspension bridge spanning the entrance to San Francisco Bay, connecting the city to Marin County in California. Cliffs of sandstone and lush green hills serve as a breathtaking backdrop to the bridge's red-orange paint job, making the bridge one of the most recognizable images of San Francisco. Stretching 8,981 feet (2737 meters) across, the bridge has been open for traffic since 1937. You can enjoy awesome views of the bridge from Fort Point National Historic Site on the southern side, or from the Marin Headlands on the north side. There's a walking path and bike lane for those without a car, or you can drive and admire the beautiful views from the deck of the bridge.

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