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God's thumb - から High Meadow Trail, United States
God's thumb - から High Meadow Trail, United States
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God's thumb
📍 から High Meadow Trail, United States
Manhattan is an iconic borough of New York City and a must-see destination for visitors, as it is home to iconic landmarks such as Empire State Building, Chrysler Building and Central Park. The financial capital of the world, Manhattan is a dynamic, cosmopolitan area and one of the major economic centers of America, giving it a unique and captivating atmosphere.

Manhattan is jam packed with a vibrant variety of cultures, with Lower East Side being the epicenter of the city's cultural identity, perfect for exploring the city's art and music scene. From the world-famous Museum of Modern Art to the Brooklyn Museum, and all of the many SoHo galleries, there is always something for art lovers to enjoy. If you're looking for an outdoor adventure, Central Park is the perfect place to find it. From the enchanting meadows and lakes to a fully stocked zoo, the Park is home to a plethora of activities ranging from sports to picnicking in Sheep's Meadow. Aside from the signature skyline, Manhattan is filled with unique neighborhoods such as Chinatown and Little Italy which both offer an array of food and cultural experiences. Once you've taken in all of the city's sights, head downtown and explore the world-famous Greenwich Village with its amazing nightlife and charm.

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