Glockenturm Sankt Andreasberg


Glockenturm Sankt Andreasberg - Germany
Glockenturm Sankt Andreasberg - Germany
Glockenturm Sankt Andreasberg
📍 Germany
The Glockenturm Sankt Andreasberg is a bell tower in the Harz mountain range of northern Germany. It stands over 260 metres above sea level, offering stunning views of the mountain range. The views from the top of this historic tower will make a great afternoon jaunt, attracting many photographers. The hike up to the tower at Sankt Andreasberg is quite picturesque, taking you along a nearby mountain stream. You can also access the tower's observation platform and have nice meals at the 'Bergschӓnke' nearby. The bell tower is situated in an avalanche pavilion, from which you can watch the skiers slide down the slopes in the winter. This location is truly an outdoor enthusiast's paradise, and it's the perfect place for a day trip.

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