Gare de Laval


Gare de Laval - France
Gare de Laval - France
Gare de Laval
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Gare de Laval is a train station located in north-western France, in the city of Laval. The station is served by two high-speed Intercity trains - one to Paris and one to Rennes - as well as regional services. It has been recently renovated and is now a popular spot for visitors. The station is spacious and well-equipped, with modern escalators, an open-air waiting area, free Wi-Fi, and several ticket machines. Outside the station is an impressive historic building, with fine architectural details. It’s a great spot to explore the city from. There are several restaurants and shops in the surrounding area, as well as a café in the station itself. It’s a convenient place to start your journey and explore nearby attractions.

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