Galeria Kaufhof


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Galeria Kaufhof - から Inside, Germany
Galeria Kaufhof - から Inside, Germany
@motiion_photograph - Unsplash
Galeria Kaufhof
📍 から Inside, Germany
Galeria Kaufhof is a historic department store located in the city of Berlin, Germany. Originally opened in 1907, the store has stood the test of time, offering a vast selection of premium goods and services to their customers. The store offers a wide variety of items ranging from clothing, accessories and cosmetics to fine jewelry, giftware and housewares. The store serves as a popular tourist destination for both locals and visitors, who come not just for the products, but also for the century-old architecture of the six-story building. The building features a façade adorned with stained glass and ceramic tiles, making it an ideal location for shoppers looking for unique souvenirs. Mostly frequented by locals, the lower level also offers a variety of restaurants, a drugstore and bank, delivering the ultimate shopping experience.

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