Freemasons Hall


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Freemasons Hall - United Kingdom
Freemasons Hall - United Kingdom
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Freemasons Hall
📍 United Kingdom
Freemasons Hall in London, England is a beautiful historic landmark. First built in 1776, the Grade I listed building was designed by Robert Taylor and has been remodeled several times since. The grand entrance and façade, along with the ornamental interior decorations and features make Freemasons Hall a popular attraction for those interested in British history and architecture. Inside, visitors can view the Museum of Freemasonry, the longest-running masonic museum in the world. The museum contains various artifacts, documents and paintings related to the history of freemasonry. Other attractions include the Grand Temple, where hundreds of years worth of history can be found in such features as an original Dome ceiling painting, an organ screened by a sheer curtain, and a 19th century Beadledom throne.

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