Forty Foot


Forty Foot - Ireland
Forty Foot - Ireland
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Forty Foot
📍 Ireland
The Forty Foot is a rock pool located off the coast of Dublin, Ireland. It is located at the terminus of Sandycove south of Dublin Bay. The area is known as a popular swimming spot in the summer, as well as a hotspot for cliff divers. It was once a popular bathing place for 19th-century Dubliners and today remains an attraction for visitors looking for an outdoor activity. To get to Forty Foot, take the DART train from central Dublin and disembark at the Sandycove station. From the station, there is a short walk along the coast to get to the pool. Some of the swimmer's amenities include: a ladder and steps to help facilitate entry and exit into the pool and plenty of room to practice jumps, dives and swimming races. The picturesque views of Dublin Bay and its surrounding cliffs are a major attraction to this site.

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