Fort Eben-Emael


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Fort Eben-Emael - Belgium
Fort Eben-Emael - Belgium
Fort Eben-Emael
📍 Belgium
Fort Eben-Emael is the largest and most significant pre-World War II pillbox fortification in Belgium, constructed between 1931 and 1935. It is situated in the highlands of Liège, near the Dutch-Belgian border and overlooking the Albert Canal. The fort is renowned for its complex and intricate internal structure, with strong steel and concrete construction that was designed to withstand an artillery bombardment. It is an open-air museum and offers guided tours. Visitors can explore the bunkers, tunnels, and weapons emplacements that are still in place and learn about the fort’s defensive strategy and capabilities. Visitors may also enter the 86-meter-long Casemate Gallery and view the landscaped gardens. Other amenities at the site include a gift shop, restaurant, and a picnic area. Admission includes guided tours, self-guided exploration, and access to a museum exhibition.

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