Fontana del Trianon


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Fontana del Trianon - Italy
Fontana del Trianon - Italy
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Fontana del Trianon
📍 Italy
Located in the heart of Parma, the Fontana del Trianon is a beautiful fountain that has been present since 17th century. It was created to celebrate the marriage of the Archduke Philip of Habsburg and Princess Maria Amalia of Saxony. The fountain consists of an oval pool with a large central statue of Minerva, goddess of art and wisdom, surrounded by Naiads and Muses. The entire structure is decorated with reliefs, cherubs, and shells which make it a stunning architectural sight to behold. It is a popular place to take a leisurely stroll while admiring the picturesque marble columns and the amazing sculptures that adorn it. Make sure to make a stop here during your visit to Parma and take in its exquisite beauty.

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