Fontana Dei Draghi


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Fontana Dei Draghi - から Villa d'Este, Italy
Fontana Dei Draghi - から Villa d'Este, Italy
Fontana Dei Draghi
📍 から Villa d'Este, Italy
Fontana Dei Draghi, a beautiful fountain located in Tivoli, Italy, is an absolute delight for all tourists to visit. The most iconic part of the whole fountain is the multiple statues of dragons around the fountain’s perimeter. Visitors are captivated by their intricately detailed wings and long menacing teeth.

Originally, built in the late 15th century for the Pope Innocent VIII of the Borgia family, the fountain was built around a spring of fresh water known as the Acqua Felice. In the valley, it stands between two roads, via dei Due Cippi and Via Prospero D’Este. Once visitors get closer, they can observe the fountain is made up of two pools, which stand on two sides. The upper basin is believed to feature marble Cararra decorations, with Roman allegorical bronze statues of the gods of the four seasons and a triton, holding a conch shell in his hand. The Fontana Dei Draghi is an absolute must-see. For visitors unable to make it to the area, the best way to appreciate this work of art is through the numerous photos available online.

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