Findhorn Beach


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Findhorn Beach - United Kingdom
Findhorn Beach - United Kingdom
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Findhorn Beach
📍 United Kingdom
Findhorn Beach is a stunning beach located in the quaint fishing village of Findhorn in Moray, United Kingdom. It is a great destination for beach-lovers and those who enjoy outdoor activities. The beach is a great place to relax and spend time with friends and family. There are also plenty of opportunities for water sports including sea kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, and sailing. The beach is also dog friendly and offers lovely views of the surrounding area. The beach is a great spot for a picnic, walking along the sand and admiring the stunningly clear water. Make sure to bring a camera to capture the stunning sunsets and the seabirds. For those looking for a more adventurous day, the beach is a popular place for kite flying and beach volleyball. Be sure to check out the stunning sand dunes as well!

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