Fervenza do Ézaro


Fervenza do Ézaro - Spain
Fervenza do Ézaro - Spain
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Fervenza do Ézaro
📍 Spain
Fervenza do Ézaro is a beautiful, cascading waterfall located in Ézaro, Spain. It is the only waterfall in the world to empty directly into the sea, making it a breathtaking and unique sight. The spectacular 20 meter drop of the waterfall can be accessed via a 264 step staircase set into the cliff side. After enjoying the spectacular views, visitors can explore the nearby iron bridge, Ézaro Beach, and Santa Maria de Loures Church and natural park. For photographers, the picturesque scenery of Fervenza do Ézaro and its beautiful setting make it an ideal spot for landscape photography and capturing the natural beauty of the area.

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