Ferme de Ruetz's building


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Ferme de Ruetz's building - France
Ferme de Ruetz's building - France
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Ferme de Ruetz's building
📍 France
Ferme de Ruetz's building, in Bayard-sur-Marne, France, is a beautiful 18th century farmhouse with 950 hectares of land surrounding it. It's the ideal spot for nature enthusiasts and birdwatchers, with a rich variety of fauna and flora. The buildings of the farmhouse are worth a visit too; with unique Lombard-style architecture and modernised interiors, it's a great photo spot. Guided tours are available to show visitors around the grounds and buildings, or visitors can take a leisurely stroll around the grounds and spot wild animals such as roe deer, pheasants and hares. The estate is an important breeding site for storks and there are beehives located on the grounds, producing a delicious organic honey. Don't forget to check out the large manor house, stables and the majestic entrance arch, which provide excellent photo opportunities.

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