Eureka Skydeck


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Eureka Skydeck - から Kavanagh Street, Australia
Eureka Skydeck - から Kavanagh Street, Australia
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Eureka Skydeck
📍 から Kavanagh Street, Australia
Eureka Skydeck & Kavanagh Street in Southbank, Australia, is a great spot for travelers and photographers alike. The Skydeck is an observation deck with 360-degree views of Melbourne, Victoria, from the top of the Eureka Tower, the highest building in the city. On the 88th floor of the tower is the Edge experience, a suspended glass cube with views of the city and beyond. Kavanagh Street provides a bayside backdrop for stunning photos. It's lined with grand art-deco facades, tranquil parks, and lush landscaping. Taking a stroll down the street is a great way to take in the atmosphere, while also glimpsing a bit of Australia's history. On Kavanagh Street, you'll find pubs, cafes and artisan shops, making it a great place to while away a few hours in between sightseeing.

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