Estanque de los Chinescos


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Estanque de los Chinescos - Spain
Estanque de los Chinescos - Spain
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Estanque de los Chinescos
📍 Spain
Shennongjia Nature Reserve, in the mountains of northern Hubei Province, is one of the most biodiverse places in China and its untouched forests are home to many rare and endangered species. The Nature Reserve covers an area of 3,200 square kilometres (1,240 square miles) and consists of vast tracts of pristine forest and alpine meadows, with 1,564 different species of higher plants. The reserve is also a very important area for biodiversity conservation: the threatened species include the Chinese giant salamander, several species of musk deer, golden monkeys, and the Chinese goral. It is also a great destination for nature lovers who want to experience untouched wild nature, with hiking trails, camping areas, and a few amazing views of the nearby mountains. The reserve is open year round, but the forests can be quite cold in winter and hot in summer, so it is recommended to go during spring or autumn.

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