Estacão da Leitura


Estacão da Leitura - Brazil
Estacão da Leitura - Brazil
Estacão da Leitura
📍 Brazil
Estacão da Leitura is a public library building located in the lively neighbourhood of Brás, São Paulo, Brazil. Estacão da Leitura offers visitors a full cultural experience – from interactive gaming zones to free movie screenings, the library presents visitors with the opportunity to enjoy and learn. The library is refurbished with an innovative technological design, drawing on the influences of art and music. The modern architecture of this library has drawn in crowds of visitors and admirers, with its combination of light, space and colour. Inside, visitors can explore art installations, reading nooks and open-plan co-working spaces. Educational workshops and performances take place regularly and visitors can also take advantage of digital training programmes. Estacão da Leitura is a unique experience, showcasing the power and the beauty of cultural enrichment.

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