Escalles Beach


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Escalles Beach - France
Escalles Beach - France
Escalles Beach
📍 France
Escalles Beach is located in Escalles, a coastal village in the Pas-de-Calais region of northern France. The beach is bordered by cliffs and provides stunning views of the English Channel. Escalles is a great place to go to swim or just relax, as it is much less crowded than many other beaches in the area. It is situated on a stretch of white sand and boasts stunning views of the surrounding cliffs and the English Channel. The clear waters and golden sand make it an ideal spot for watersports and exploring the local wildlife. People looking for a more serene experience can enjoy long walks along the beach or a seaside picnic at one of the several beach cafes. There is also a small selection of shops where you can buy everything from ice cream to souvenirs. Escalles Beach is a great destination for a day-trip or as a stop-over on a longer holiday.

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