Escaleras de Colores


Escaleras de Colores - Chile
Escaleras de Colores - Chile
Escaleras de Colores
📍 Chile
Escaleras de Colores (Coloured Stairs) is an amazing spectacle located in the oldest part of Valparaíso, Chile. It is a symbolic streetscape, created nearly a century ago to unite the city’s labyrinthine hills. The stairs are painted in vibrant colors, each flight with its own palette. At the top of each flight, you can see breathtaking views of the sea or the city, framed by the vibrant staircase. The vibrant stairs have become a symbol of Valparaíso’s rich cultural heritage. Each year, thousands of visitors from all around the world climb the stairs to admire the spectacular colours and enjoy the stunning views. There are several other attractions along the steps, like small galleries and bookstores. The atmosphere in the area is lively and bustling. Make sure to explore Valparaíso’s city centre for a richening cultural experience!

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