Érechthéion - Ερέχθειο


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Érechthéion - Ερέχθειο - Greece
Érechthéion - Ερέχθειο - Greece
Érechthéion - Ερέχθειο
📍 Greece
The Érechtheion, located on the northern side of the Acropolis of Athens, is one of the most important monuments from the ancient Greek period. The temple is renowned for its artistic craftsmanship and intricate design, depicting the beauty of ancient Greek architecture. The façade is decorated with huge female figures known as the Caryatids, which support the entablature of the building and act as its columns. Inside, the building has numerous chambers, a massive porch, and an internal court overlooking the sea. One of the most remarkable things about the Érechtheion is that it is still intact after more than 2,500 years and still stands in the same place where it was erected: the sacred Acropolis of Athens. A visit to this breathtaking monument is a must-see when in the Greek capital.

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