Emerald Lake


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Emerald Lake - から Deck, Canada
Emerald Lake - から Deck, Canada
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Emerald Lake
📍 から Deck, Canada
Emerald Lake is renowned for its spectacular and dazzlingly beautiful blue-green waters in Yoho National Park in Field, British Columbia. It is a shallow lake located in a plenty of stunning sites in the park, including waterfalls and ancient glaciers. There is a hiking trail around the lake where photographers will find a variety of landscapes and plenty of perspectives to make some stunning photos. If you walk along the lake’s shoreline, you can see the numerous thickly wooded mountainsides which makes for an attractive background for any frame. In the area you can also find an abandoned log train caboose, with its beautiful views and amazing photographic opportunities. Near the lake you can also find the Camp Green Lake, which is actually a campground allowing people to have a picnic and hire boats to explore the area.

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