Embalse de la Viñuela


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Embalse de la Viñuela - から Casa VIVAndalusia, Spain
Embalse de la Viñuela - から Casa VIVAndalusia, Spain
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Embalse de la Viñuela
📍 から Casa VIVAndalusia, Spain
Embalse de la Viñuela, near Viñuela in Andalucia, Spain, is an impressive man-made reservoir. Situated amongst beautiful mountain scenery, it provides ample opportunities for breathtaking views for both photographers and general sightseers.

The best way to get to Embalse de la Viñuela is by car, although several local bus services run from surrounding towns. Once you have reached the reservoir, it is possible to drive along the winding roads around the circumference, with stunning views of the lake and surrounding hills. Jacob's Ladder, or Punta de Los Gigi, is a rough track which takes you to the highest point near the reservoir, known as El Gigi. It takes about forty minutes to make the climb, but the views compare to none. It is possible to swim in the lake, although you must take into account that people are banned from going into the water due to the risk of drowning. Nevertheless, Embalse de la Viñuela is an ideal spot for relaxation, with the stunning lake surrounded by nearby villages, such as Sayalonga and Canillas, which can be explored by walking. The main activities to enjoy around the lake, besides sightseeing and photography, include fishing and birdwatching. Embalse de la Viñuela is home to many different wildlife species, most notably the Red Kite and Black Kite, which can be seen during the warmer months. Overall, Embalse de la Viñuela is an impressive and scenic spot, perfect for outdoor activities, sightseeing and photography.

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