El Micalet


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El Micalet - から Entrada, Spain
El Micalet - から Entrada, Spain
El Micalet
📍 から Entrada, Spain
El Micalet is a unique church built in 15th-century Valencian gothic style in the city of València, Spain. It is surrounded by a 14th-century fortified wall giving it an even more majestic look. Located in the historic old city, the stunning facade of El Micalet is full of elaborately decorated elements and several sculptures of legendary characters like St. John the Baptist. Inside, you will find the 16th-century chapel in baroque style, and the main altarpiece is especially notable. Since the 1st of May 1992, it has been shared by the Roman Catholic and Valencian Mosaic Church of the Valencian Nation, making it a symbol of ecumenical unity. Visitors can take in the stunning views of the Valencian cityscape from the terrace. Make sure to take a walk around the old city, visit nearby La Lonja, and admire the typical Valencian architectural style of the buildings.

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