El Cantil


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El Cantil - から Viewport Ajuy, Spain
El Cantil - から Viewport Ajuy, Spain
El Cantil
📍 から Viewport Ajuy, Spain
El Cantil and Viewport Ajuy is part of the beautiful coastline of Ajuy in Spain. This area is known for its breathtaking views, hidden coves and mysterious cliffs. At Viewport Ajuy, you’ll find spectacular shorelines, towering cliffs and ravines, rock formations and natural arch formations.

The north side of Viewport Ajuy is great for a romantic walk or for gathering shells. Move on to El Cantil for a secluded and magical atmosphere. You can find lots of wildlife such as turtles and iguanas, as well as rare plants and flowers. If you’re lucky, you may spot dolphins from here. This area of Ajuy has easy access to shorelines, fishing spots and nearby mountain destinations. There are many historical sites, fishing villages and popular waterparks along the coast. Come and explore the wonderful culture, friendly people, and inviting beaches of Ajuy.

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