Edificios camino "La Fabrica"


Edificios camino "La Fabrica" - Spain
Edificios camino "La Fabrica" - Spain
Edificios camino "La Fabrica"
📍 Spain
Edificios Camino “La Fabrica” is an interesting architectural complex in the town of Arnao, in northern Spain. The complex consists of a large building, an old wooden chalet and two buildings full of large windows and walls painted in different colors. It dates back to the 1950s and it was designed by the architect César de Chaves, who was the first to introduce modernist architectural concepts to this area of Spain. The main building has been renovated and now serves as a hotel, while the chalet and the two other buildings serve as a gallery and as offices for small businesses. The area around the complex is surrounded by nature, overlooking a wonderful view of the mountains, valleys and rivers of Galicia. The complex is definitely worth a visit and perfect for an afternoon stroll.

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