Edgewater Beach


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Edgewater Beach - United States
Edgewater Beach - United States
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Edgewater Beach
📍 United States
Edgewater Beach in Cleveland, Ohio is a popular destination for locals and tourists alike. The beach is 25 acres in size and is situated between the downtown Cleveland skyline and Lake Erie. Plenty of sandy beaches, picnic tables, and a playground provide guests with a plethora of activities to enjoy. For those brave enough to venture into Lake Erie, there is a launch ramp to get your boat in the water. Two fishing piers provide ample opportunity to do some angling, or to simply view the breathtaking sunset across the lake. Visitors can also find beach volleyball courts and a concession stand for a bite to eat. During the summer season, the beach transforms into a center for cultural festivals and events with music, food, and more. Despite the beach not receiving a 5-Star rating from the state, it still provides guests with an enjoyable summer experience and an opportunity to soak up the sun.

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