EDF Building


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EDF Building - から Below, France
EDF Building - から Below, France
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EDF Building
📍 から Below, France
The EDF Building in Puteaux, France, is an iconic structure that was built in the 1960s and is now considered one of the city's modern landmarks. The square-shaped building stands 88-meters tall and was designed by the renowned French architect Claude Parent. The building stands out for its modern design with its flat surface, uninterrupted by windows, and its hollow centre. The building is made of concrete and steel, though its exterior is covered with a reflective glass coating. The EDF Building is a great site for visitors, who will be able to enjoy the stunning view of Paris from the structure's rooftop. The building also showcases world-class art installations as exhibitions from leading international contemporary artists. The EDF Building is easily accessible from Puteaux train station and is open to public visits most of the time.

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