Dresden center


Dresden center - Germany
Dresden center - Germany
Dresden center
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Dresden is the capital city of the state of Saxony and one of Germany's most beautiful, cultural, and artistic cities. It's situated alongside the banks of the river Elbe, and is a modern city with a long and diverse history.

Dresden's cultural and artistic heritage is evidenced in its rich collection of museums, theatres, and galleries, such as the Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister, the Historiche Sammlungen Dresden and the Zwinger. For art lovers, the city also offers a range of interesting churches, including the Frauenkirche, the Hofkirche and the Nikolaikirche, which is now at the center of the city's alternative and vibrant nightlife. Visitors to Dresden can explore the city's Baroque palaces and breathtaking gardens, such as the Pillnitz Palace or the Park Großer Garten. Or, take a walk along the banks of the Elbe to visit the tallest outdoor structure in Germany – the Dresden TV Tower. There is also a range of interesting drinking and dining options within Dresden, from traditional taverns to chic restaurants. One of the best activities for visitors to Dresden is its many events and festivals. These include the Dresden Music Festival, the Semper Opera Festival, the Schumannfest, the Elbhangfest, and the Dresden Jazz Festival. There's also an impressive range of open-air events taking place in summer and winter, from concerts to markets.

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