Dream Lake


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Dream Lake - から Trail, United States
Dream Lake - から Trail, United States
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Dream Lake
📍 から Trail, United States
Dream Lake is located in Allenspark, United States, at the base of Mount Meeker in the Rocky Mountain National Park. It's a stunning lake surrounded by Crystal peaks and lush forests. Dream Lake is a popular destination, both for photographers and hikers. On the trail around the lake, visitors can spot herds of elk and mule deer, as well as moose, bighorn sheep and beaver. There are also fantastic views of the Continental Divide. Dream Lake can be accessed via the 1.8-mile long Bear Lake Loop Trail, which offers visitors panoramic views of the surrounding mountains. This trail is open year-round, but snow and ice affect accessibility in the winter months. There is no entrance fee for the Dream Lake trail, however, visitors must purchase a one-day pass from the Rocky Mountain National Park headquarters if they wish to park there.

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