Dragon Bridge


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Dragon Bridge - Vietnam
Dragon Bridge - Vietnam
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Dragon Bridge
📍 Vietnam
Dragon Bridge in An Hải, Vietnam is a popular attraction and is known for its spectacular Illumination Show. Spanning the Han River, the bridge stands at a height of 66 metres and is 666 metres long. Its design is inspired by a mythical creature made of steel and concrete and given dragon-like decorations. There are stunning views of the city skyline, day and night, and many activities around the bridge, such as walking tours and cycling routes. The perfect time to visit is after dark when the bridge is illuminated. Don't miss the sound and light show every weekend when the bridge is transformed into a rainbow-colored scene. Don't forget to take a cable car ride for stunning bird's eye views. Moreover, visit and explore the nearby fishing villages, local markets and beaches. For an authentic experience, enjoy a special dinner on a floating restaurant. Dragon Bridge is truly an amazing sight.

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