Donuts del Gais


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Donuts del Gais - Spain
Donuts del Gais - Spain
Donuts del Gais
📍 Spain
Donuts del Gais is a must visit for visitors to Santiago de Compostela in the northwestern part of Spain. This traditional shop offers the best handmade donuts in the area, as well as some other traditional Galician treats such as cakes, croquettes and marzipan. It is said to be the oldest shop in the city, as it already existed more than 40 years ago. Located in the center of town, big glass windows allow passers-by to take a peek inside and admire the vast variety of products and colorful decorations. The old-fashioned look creates the feeling of a time traveling back in time. Here you will find the perfect souvenir or a sweet snack to go. A delicious taste of Santiago de Compostela!

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