Donskoy Monastery


Donskoy Monastery - Russia
Donskoy Monastery - Russia
Donskoy Monastery
📍 Russia
The Donskoy Monastery (also known as the Don Monastery) is a must-see place to visit in Moscow, Russia. Located in the city center, this ancient monastery has been a place of peace and beauty since its founding in 1591. It is a very popular tourist spot and is known for its ornate architecture and tranquil atmosphere. Visitors can take in the charm of the monastery’s various chapels, churches and gatehouses, many of which were built between the 16th and 19th centuries. The monastery has also been home to a number of interesting figures over the years, including Dmitry Donskoy and other important historical figures. The grounds are full of history, and visitors can also explore the bell tower and find the tombs of several different Tsars. There are also some beautiful gardens, where visitors can spend a peaceful morning or afternoon leisurely wandering and exploring the grounds. Donskoy Monastery is an absolute must for any visitor to Moscow.

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