Dnipro Metro Bridge


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Dnipro Metro Bridge - Ukraine
Dnipro Metro Bridge - Ukraine
@rostikarts - Unsplash
Dnipro Metro Bridge
📍 Ukraine
The Dnipro Metro Bridge is an iconic architectural structure in Kyiv, Ukraine. Situated at the narrowest point in the Dnipro River, it connects the left and right banks of the city. Constructed in 1953, the bridge is just 91 metres long, but is 28 metres wide, accounting for the worlds tallest supporting arches. This makes it an impressive sight and a popular spot for taking pictures. On both sides of the bridge there are pedestrian areas, providing scenic views of the river and cityscape. It is also close to the beach of the Hydropark, and the National Expocenter of Ukraine. The bridge is a beautiful and unique element of Kyiv’s cityscape and is a must see while exploring the city.

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