Die Brille in Hülben


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Die Brille in Hülben - Germany
Die Brille in Hülben - Germany
Die Brille in Hülben
📍 Germany
Die Brille in Hülben, Germany is an architectural landmark featuring two cylindrical structures in harmony with nature. Located near the Mediterranean coast, Die Brille combines modern architecture with fascinating landscapes of pine trees, cypresses, dunes and boulders. Originally built in the 1930s by famed architect Le Corbusier, it was for a time closed for renovation and reopened in 2010, to be appreciated anew by visitors. The two buildings house a café and a small museum, as well as a sculpture garden filled with artworks. Visitors can enjoy the surrounding natural beauty while immersing themselves in the vivid art and culture. It makes for a truly inspiring experience!

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