Der Wackelstein


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Der Wackelstein - Germany
Der Wackelstein - Germany
Der Wackelstein
📍 Germany
Der Wackelstein in Saldenburg, Germany is an interesting and unique sight that visitors should include in their itinerary. Located near the historic fortified town of Saldenburger, Der Wackelstein is a single boulder that sits at the top of a low hill. It is roughly 180 meters tall and has been sitting atop this hill since prehistoric times. The rock has become a popular tourist attraction and many visitors come each year to observe its surreal structure. While at Der Wackelstein, visitors can take in stunning views of the surrounding areas, including the nearby towns and beautiful Bavarian countryside. Just a short distance away is the romantic castle of Waldenfels and the charming village of Frauensattel. For those looking for a bit of outdoor adventure, there are several hiking trails nearby including the picturesque Maiden's Trail. Der Wackelstein is a must-see destination for those looking to experience a bit of Bavarian history.

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