Depoe Bay


Depoe Bay - United States
Depoe Bay - United States
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Depoe Bay
📍 United States
Depoe Bay is a small coastal city located on the Central Oregon coast. It's a popular location for travelers, fishers, photographers, and nature lovers alike. In the heart of Depoe Bay lies the world's smallest harbor and a breakwater, creating a year-round safe haven for boats. Just offshore a huge keyhole rock, called Boiler Bay, guards the harbor entrance. From the harbor, visitors can watch migrating whales, sea lions, and other sea life. Popular activities in Depoe Bay include kayaking, fishing, whale watching, beach combing, shopping, visiting the marine mammal centers, and dining. The town also has several parks and trails, offering stunning views of the Pacific Ocean and miles of beautiful coastline. With its unique and charmed atmosphere, Depoe Bay offers travelers a truly unforgettable experience.

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