De terp Leidschenveen


De terp Leidschenveen - Netherlands
De terp Leidschenveen - Netherlands
De terp Leidschenveen
📍 Netherlands
De Terp Leidschenveen is a nature reserve located in Den Haag, Netherlands. It was put in place to protect the species found there and to allow visitors to enjoy its wildlife, flora and fauna. The reserve covers 25 hectares of grassland and woodland, with ponds and pathways. During spring and autumn, a diverse array of birds can be found in the area, such as waterfowl, wild geese, waders, gulls, swans, ducks, and wagtails. Rare species like the Bearded Reedling can also be spotted. In addition to birds, other wildlife can also be found here like polecats and foxes. There are several walking trails that give visitors a chance to explore the area and its variety of plants and animals, including wildflowers and ferns. The reserve also offers visitors outdoor activities such as jogging, cycling and picnics. Visitors should note that dogs and other pets are not permitted in the reserve.

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