Crown Fountain


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Crown Fountain - United States
Crown Fountain - United States
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Crown Fountain
📍 United States
The Crown Fountain in Chicago, United States is an interactive video sculpture designed by Spanish artist Jaume Plensa and installed in 2004. Located in Millennium Park, between Michigan Avenue and Columbus Drive, it spans a total area of 3.5 acres. The artwork features a pair of glass brick towers rising fifty feet into the air, with an LED video display array extending along the full length of both towers. The towers are topped with an array of water cannons that spray water out of mouths at the bottom of the towers in an impressive geyser. One of the towers features a constantly changing LED display of 1,000 faces of both adults and children representing Chicagoans from all backgrounds and walks of life. Visitors of all ages are invited to brave the spray and cool off in the fountain’s pool on the warmest days.

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