Croce del Seceda


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Croce del Seceda - Italy
Croce del Seceda - Italy
Croce del Seceda
📍 Italy
Croce del Seceda is a mountain cross located in the Dolomites range in Santa Cristina Gherdëina, Italy. At an altitude of 2,430m, the cross can be reached by taking the Seceda cable car from Ortisei Village in the Val Gardena. The south-facing panorama of the five peaks surrounding Ortisei and the Puez-Geisler nature reserve is best seen from the terrace of the summit station for a truly unforgettable view. Seceda also has some great walking trails near the summit and is known for its flower-filled meadows. This spot is an excellent destination for those looking for some of the best views in Europe, as well as photographers looking for spectacular landscapes, dramatic rocky peaks and unspoiled nature.

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