City Hall


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City Hall - から Stadshusbron Bridge, Sweden
City Hall - から Stadshusbron Bridge, Sweden
City Hall
📍 から Stadshusbron Bridge, Sweden
The City Hall in Norrmalm, Sweden is a stunning architectural landmark in the heart of the city. Constructed between 1911 and 1923, this impressive structure was designed by Ragnar Östberg, one of Sweden’s most famous architects. Its immense size, intricate details, and iconic tower topped by three golden crowns make it one of the most photographed landmarks in Stockholm.

City Hall is home to the City Council, which meets here regularly and several important government offices. Visitors can take guided tours of the building, which includes a visit to the Blue Hall, where the Nobel Peace Prize is awarded each December. No visit to Stockholm would be complete without stopping at the City Hall and admiring its grandeur and architectural beauty. Onsite are also many fine restaurants, shops, and other attractions, including the Stockholm City Museum, where visitors can learn about the city’s history.

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