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Church - から Daejeon, South Korea
Church - から Daejeon, South Korea
@eurraesen - Unsplash
📍 から Daejeon, South Korea
The Niagara Falls straddle the border between the United States and Canada and it's one of the most iconic waterfalls of the world. Twothree distinct sections, the Canadian Horseshoe Falls, the American Falls and the smaller Bridal Veil Falls, make up the Niagara Falls. Visitors can experience the power and beauty of Niagara Falls and the Niagara Riviera region. Tourist attractions nearby include Whirlpool State Park, featuring a large whirlpool and gorge, Maid of the Mist boat tours, Cave of the Winds tours, a variety of museums, and more. For photographers, the nearby region contains beautiful views and plenty of opportunities for artistic images, such as natural and historical sites, overlooks, and waterfalls. Whether you're there for sightseeing, to get a closer look at the Falls, or just to enjoy the scenery, Niagara Falls is a great source of inspiration.

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