Chiostro di San Benedetto


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Chiostro di San Benedetto - Italy
Chiostro di San Benedetto - Italy
Chiostro di San Benedetto
📍 Italy
The Chiostro di San Benedetto is located in San Benedetto Po, Italy, and is a stunningly beautiful 14th-century cloister. The monastery was built around 1350 and is surrounded by a wall made of blocks of red brick and white piperno. Inside, visitors will be amazed by the elegance of its interior columns and arches as well as by the highly detailed paintings and decorations, with particularly interesting works in the entrance and above the stucco work choir. The cloister also boasts a deep well in the center which was a significant source of water for the area's inhabitants. In addition, visitors can take a walk outside the monastery admiring the vast green fields and small hills. It is a great place to relax and enjoy the tranquility of nature.

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